Roman Reigns To Appear On Raw Next Week

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Roman Reigns To Appear On Raw Next Week

Well, well, well . . .

Following the report earlier today that Vince McMahon had supposedly “demanded” that Roman Reigns return from his leukaemia battle to compete at WrestleMania, McMahon has posted the following tweet:

As you can see, McMahon has confirmed that Roman Reigns will appear on Raw for the first time since his revealed his diagnosis in October.

Is this a sign that Roman’s fight is going well? Or even that he has defeated the illness? It seems early for that to be the case but it is certainly not impossible.

Or, more distressingly, could this be a sign that the tabloid article was correct and desperate WWE have asked Reigns to return in order to help them turn around their recent ratings slide. Even then, that would not make a lot of sense given Raw did a strong number this week.

As has been pointed out, the signs have been there that Roman was on the way back, most notably at Elimination Chamber where the announcers were instructed to reference The Shield when Braun Strowman was triple powerbombed through two tables by Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. So perhaps this has been in the works for a while.

Either way, it will be good to see Roman on Monday and hopefully it will be only good news coming out of his appearance.

Let us know what you make of this surprising news in the comments below.

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