Ronda Rousey Admits She Faked Livestream To Hide Royal Rumble Appearance

Ronda Rousey Admits She Faked Livestream To Hide Royal Rumble Appearance

Ronda Rousey has recently admitted she isn’t above attempting a little ruse on her fans in the name of keeping kayfabe alive.

According to a recent Facebook stream with Ronda herself, she admitted that her live stream that was published as the Royal Rumble premium live event was taking place was in fact, not live.

Rousey said:

“I don’t know if I should apologize or just put the record straight that we did our first-ever non-live stream. So we did a little bit of kayfabe stream for you guys so I could sneak out for Royal Rumble. Cause it got leaked that I was going to be there. And, what’s it called? We recorded a VR stream and played it as if it was live.

“But the real diehards knew it was recorded because I usually go live on Instagram to announce my streams, but I just posted it. I didn’t go live to say that and there were a lot of people like (looks surprised). So, the perceptive ones knew I was staging it. But, I’m glad it got the reaction that it did.”

Ronda Rousey was indeed a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, entering at #28 and going on to win the match after eliminating her final competitor and future WrestleMania opponent Charlotte Flair.

The former UFC star also opened up about the pressure she feels in WWE, admitting that she sometimes takes fan reactions personally.

Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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