Ronda Rousey Shoots Hard On WWE And Pro Wrestling

Ronda Rousey Shoots Hard On WWE And Pro Wrestling

Ronda Rousey’s video blog ‘Ronda On The Road’ in often an excellent insight into the mind of the reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion and her latest video is no different.

In fact, it gives wrestling fans a rare glimpse into a side of Ronda’s psyche not seen since her UFC days.

At the end of the video, Rousey addresses WWE fans and members of the roster in a kayfabe-breaking obscenity-laced promo in which she warns WWE that she will no longer be “doing their f—–g act” and boasting about how she is going to “disrespect the sport they love so much”.

The full transcription of the most biting part of the promo can be found below:

“It wasn’t a promo they gave me other things to say I didn’t f***ing say it. It’s not a promo. It’s not an act. I’m not going out there and doing their f***ing act anymore, I’m going out there and doing whatever the hell I want. And they can explain it however they want, but f***em. Everybody. WWE Universe included.

I mean that I’m going to disrespect the sport that they all love so much. ‘Ohhhh don’t break kayfabe Ronda!’ Wrestling is scripted. It’s made up. It’s not real. None of those b****** can f***ing touch me. The end.”

Now, while we are fairly sure that this “shoot” promo is in fact Ronda playing up her new heel character, some of the language used and the great wrestling no-no of admitting it is all scripted means Ronda is likely to become public enemy number one in some wrestling circles.

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