Roxanne Perez Discusses NXT Women’s Championship Win

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Roxanne Perez Discusses NXT Women’s Championship Win WWE

Roxanne Perez has discussed her NXT Women’s Championship win.

On the December 13 edition of WWE NXT, Roxanne Perez defeated Mandy Rose to win the NXT Women’s Championship. With the win, Roxanne earned her first singles title in WWE.

In an NXT exclusive, the new NXT Women’s Champion discussed the win and reflected on her journey to the championship gold. She said:

“About 2016, I have it right here on my wrist, is the year I started wrestling. I was 14 years, and that was the day that I just said, I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that I get to the WWE.”

“No matter what it takes, I’m gonna get there.’ My whole life revolved around wrestling up until now. Everything single thing I did was to be here and was for this championship.”

Perez continued on to reflect on the emotion of the moment after winning the gold and thinking about everything she had done to lead to that moment. She said:

“I’m sure you saw, I just broke down into tears out there. Everything was worth it. All the trials, the tribulations, the ups and the downs.”

“Every single thing was so worth it. This is proof to every little girl out there that no matter what you tell yourself, no matter what doubts there are in your mind, it can happen. You can become the NXT Women’s Champion.”

Roxanne Perez won the first-ever Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at the NXT Deadline event. For the full results from the show, click here.

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