Report: Unique Stipulation Match Pitched For WWE Royal Rumble

Report: Unique Stipulation Match Pitched For WWE Royal Rumble WWE

With Survivor Series now in the rear view mirror, it’s weird to think that WWE’s next premium live event is the Royal Rumble.

Since the change in WWE regime, WWE has begun more long-term booking, including hiring a new director of long-term creative.

As such, is reporting that the card for the Royal Rumble event at the end of January is already mapped out.

Part of the mapping includes a pitch for a unique stipulation match called the ‘Pitch Black’ match.

The match was pitched for the Royal Rumble, and is reportedly being heavily considered for the show.

The source in WWE didn’t provide any more details on the structure or rules of the match, but believes the match to be for Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt recently begun his first rivalry since his WWE return against LA Knight, including Uncle Howdy attacking Knight backstage this past week on SmackDown.

The planned match for Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble event was also reported last night, which you can see here.

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