Ruby Soho Discusses Origins Of Post-WWE Vignettes

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Ruby Soho Discusses Origins Of Post-WWE Vignettes

Ruby Soho has revealed the origins of the post-WWE vignettes she shared following her release, ahead of her AEW debut.

Soho made a surprise appearance at AEW All Out, winning the Casino Battle Royale. Prior to the event, there was a lot of speculation that Soho would feature on the pay-per-view, with many fans pointing out AEW teases in Soho’s cinematic vignettes.

Speaking with  Bleacher Report, Soho noted that former WWE employee Giancarlo Dittamo approached her with the idea of creating the teaser videos. Dittamo was a respected name in WWE’s media department prior to being let go in May, known for his work on numerous documentaries.

Discussing the reception of the vignettes, Soho said:

“His name is Giancarlo Dittamo. I’ve actually mentioned his name before and I think they called him John Carlos and I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ He and I have known each other and worked with each other in the past. He kind of approached me shortly after my release and had mentioned to me the idea of doing some videos, and then we kind of collaborated on the ideas and the feelings and the experience I had post-release and how I would like to represent that. He just took the ball and ran with it and created this beautiful art that he had created with the videos. He captured those moments and those feelings so well. I just couldn’t be happier with them.

“One of my favorite parts of the whole experience was the reaction. Because to me, that’s what art is. Interpretation. And there were so many different interpretations to a lot of the Easter eggs that we left throughout the videos. A lot of people were reading into things that weren’t necessarily Easter eggs but they kind of wanted them to be.

“It was really cool to see the close attention people paid to the videos once they realized there were little Easter eggs left for them. I wanted to do [the videos] because I didn’t do any interviews aside from Lars’ podcasts. I was pretty social media silent after I had gotten released because I felt like that I wanted to take that time for me. I wanted to take that time to just kind of process everything, and I wanted to speak out when I was ready.

“I think one of the things that I loved about it is that I was social media silent and people didn’t really know what the process was after my release or how I was feeling because I wasn’t really vocal about it. Those videos really took you on that journey with me of how I was feeling and what I had gone through without me actually having to say anything, which I think is really beautiful.”

Soho headlined last week’s historic AEW Dynamite Grand Slam show, unsuccessfully challenging Britt Baker for the AEW Women’s Championship.

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