Rumor Killer On ‘Absurd Take’ Regarding Jeff Hardy WWE Release

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Rumor Killer On ‘Absurd Take’ Regarding Jeff Hardy WWE Release

Jeff Hardy was released from WWE on December 9, after refusing WWE’s offer of rehab. Jeff has since appeared on video with his brother Matt Hardy, announcing a meet and greet tour for this week.

Since Jeff’s WWE departure, some fans have speculated that Jeff was attempting to get fired prior to his release. As per Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, those close with Jeff have stated that he was not working to get out of his deal, calling the rumor that he was purposefully trying to get released is an ‘absurd take’.

Addressing speculation, Sapp tweeted:

“It seems silly to address this at all, but according to those close with him I spoke to — Jeff Hardy wasn’t trying to get fired from WWE. He wasn’t “working to get out of his deal.” The exact phrase I was given was that it was an ‘absurd take.'”

Matt Hardy recently advised fans to ‘know all the facts’ before jumping to conclusions. Matt has also stated that Hardy will discuss his WWE departure when he’s ready.

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