Ryback Looking for TV Return in 2019

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Ryback Looking for TV Return in 2019

Ryback has been missing from our TV screens since the Payback 2016 Pre-Show, but this might be about to change.

The ‘Big Guy’ has teased his return to televised wrestling, more than two years after walking out on WWE! Posting a video to his YouTube channel, Ryback doesn’t offer any more specifics about where he might end up.

The video features WWE, ROH, Impact and NJPW logos and is titled ‘The Return of Ryback to TV in 2019 – Where will he go?’. It is unclear if the man with an everlasting appetite has made contact with any organization.

Very interestingly, he doesn’t rule out a WWE return, having left on relatively bad terms (although WWE did wish him the best with his future endeavors). Speaking after he departed, Ryback said that he left due to broken promises surrounding his character and pay issues. Time really is the best healer as the WWE features prominently both as the second brand explicitly mentioned, and all the footage used in the video is from his time with the WWE.

‘The Big Guy’ has been working independent promotions since leaving WWE, with his next appearance happening with Northeast Wrestling on August 24.

Northeast Wrestling Poster Ryback Emma, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Mark Henry

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