Ryback Was Supposed To Be Part Of Failed WWE Faction

2 years ago by Tempest

Ryback Was Supposed To Be Part Of Failed WWE Faction

One of WWE’s worst factions was The Corre, the neglected younger sibling to The Nexus. Now, it has been revealed that former WWE star Ryback was meant to be in the group.

During a virtual signing at The Asylum Wrestling Store, IMPACT Wrestling star Heath spoke about the original plans for The Corre. In short, he said Ryback was meant to be in the group but was recovering from a broken ankle and thus was replace by Ezekiel Jackson.

Here is the quote, courtesy of POST Wrestling: 

“The Corre baby. We were so hot. Not as hot as Nexus, that’s for damn sure. That right there was like the watered-down version of Nexus to where it was supposed to [have] been Ryback and not big Zeke [Ezekiel Jackson] but Ryback broke his ankle and we was supposed to be The Corre of The Nexus and then when Zeke got threw in the mix, it was like, ‘What’s going on?’ It wasn’t the same. But big Zeke filled the role as big man knocking heads off so it worked a little bit. Hell, we got a Mania match out of that-that only lasted four minutes.”

Ryback had previously been known as Skip Sheffield during his time in Nexus. He broke his ankle shortly after SummerSlam 2010 and was off television until redebuting with his new name in 2012.

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