Sami Zayn Wants Fans To Chant ‘You Got Lucky’ When He Wins The WWE Championship

Sami Zayn Wants Fans To Chant ‘You Got Lucky’ When He Wins The WWE Championship

When a wrestler, specifically one who has grinded hard for years to create opportunities for themself in WWE, wins the world championship, they are often showered with chants of ‘You Deserve It!’ from the audience.

WWE star and resident questioner of everything, Sami Zayn, recently spoke to Renee Paquette on the Oral Sessions podcast, where he questioned if the wrestlers do, in fact, deserve it.

Sami started:

“My favorite chant in wrestling, ‘You deserve it’. I’m like, ‘Do you? Do you deserve anything?'”

Renee mentioned how this was the fans chanting at the wrestler to show their appreciation for their hard work, to which Sami claims that it isn’t about hard work, it’s about being lucky. He continued:

“What about believing that chant? ‘I worked hard and I do deserve it.’ No, I don’t think so. Everyone works hard, with a few exceptions. The biggest source of…malcontent? The thing that leaves me in a state of unease is how amazing my life is and the juxtaposition with how awful life is for so many other people and the sorrow I feel for other people and how I have it so good. It’s not because I deserve it. That’s the point. I don’t deserve it any more than the next person. I don’t. I believe it’s just mainly luck. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I worked hard. Whatever. Everybody works hard. I’m really great at wrestling. I’m really really good. Not everybody is this good. A lot of people work hard at a lot of things and don’t get the breaks. I got breaks. It’s time to acknowledge that. Don’t ever chant ‘You deserve it’ at me. I don’t want to hear it. I would much rather, ‘You got lucky! You got lucky!’ That would be more accurate. When I win the WWE Championship, that’s what I want. ‘You got super lucky!’ Not the best chant in the world, but you make it work, people. That’s the truth. Hard work, sure, whatever.”

Remember to keep this in mind next time you see Sami Zayn achieve success in WWE, as you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, he does not deserve it.

He is very good and entertaining though, so there is that part of it.

transcription via Fightful

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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