Sami Zayn On How Much Creative Freedom He Has In WWE

Sami Zayn On How Much Creative Freedom He Has In WWE WWE

Sami Zayn has addressed rumors that he has a level of creative control in his WWE contract, after recently re-signing with the company.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been involved in some memorable storylines over the last year or so, notably facing Johnny Knoxville in a wild Anything Goes match at WrestleMania 38.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Zayn made it clear that he doesn’t outright book his own segments and matches.

Discussing the input he does have, Zayn said:

“Let me just nip this in the bud, I don’t want to act like I’m booking my own stuff, because I’m not. Trust me, I swing a lot, they’ll tell you. I swing a lot and I don’t think I swing a lot of duds but sometimes I swing ideas, there’s ideas – why, I don’t know why – they won’t work and they’ll tell me that won’t work because of X, Y and Z.

“But a lot of things they’ll take and okay it’s not exactly how I envisioned it but pieces of it get through, like the documentary for example and they, take on a life of their own.

“Even having a little bit of input, I think that’s what’s taken my appreciation and my enjoyment of being here in WWE to another level. I’ll say ‘hey I really wish we could do something like this,’ and then some version of it happens and I’m thrilled, I’m over the moon. What more could you ask for? That’s it. Just to feel like you have a voice and you’re being heard, to actually go out there and do it you feel respected and valued, that’s what really kept me here.

“There were other factors for sure but that was it. It wasn’t all of a sudden my contracts coming up, it’s time for negotiation, ‘Hey, hey we really like you, where have you been the last two years?’ No no no, the last two years they’ve shown me they value me so when they want me to stay I believe them so I stayed.”

Zayn last wrestled on the April 8 edition of SmackDown, losing to Drew McIntyre via count-out. The star hasn’t won a match since his Intercontinental Championship win during the February 11 TV taping.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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