Video: Sami Zayn’s Wife Discusses Huge Elimination Chamber Match

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Video: Sami Zayn’s Wife Discusses Huge Elimination Chamber Match WWE

Sami Zayn is set for the biggest match of his WWE career tonight, when he main events Elimination Chamber in his hometown of Montreal.

Zayn returned home on last night’s SmackDown, where he delivered a passionate promo in front of his hometown crowd, both in English and in French.

Roman originally challenged Zayn to the match in Montreal as a way to break Sami in front of his family, much like Sami broke his family at the Royal Rumble.

Ahead of the match, WWE uploaded a video of Zayn’s wife, Khadija, talking about the match.

Khadija spoke about watching Zayn turn on Reigns at the Royal Rumble, and that he deserves all the love that he is getting from the fans.

She ended the discussion by referring to the Elimination Chamber as ‘their WrestleMania’.

Sami’s promo on SmackDown was drowned out by loud chants of ‘f**k you Roman!’, which were muted by FOX during the broadcast.

Fans have also translated the French portion of Zayn’s promo, which also was not very PG.

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