Samoa Joe Reveals Hilarious Reason He Likes Wrestling AJ Styles

2 years ago by Tempest

Samoa Joe Reveals Hilarious Reason He Likes Wrestling AJ Styles

Samoa Joe loves putting AJ Styles in the Coquina Clutch. However, he loves it simply because Styles’ hair smells nice.

Speaking on Out of Character, Joe was asked who his favorite person to lock in the hold is. He answered Styles because he uses a lovely lavender conditioner. It really is the little things in life. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“I’ll say AJ [Styles] because AJ always has impeccably smelling conditioner in his hair. It’s always very pleasant for me. I get a little lavender, a little lilac with my pain and agony. It’s a rare thing, you don’t get that combination and you can’t buy that in the street. It’s a specialized and happy experience and I get to enjoy it every time I wrap my arms around AJ’s neck. He’s number one.

“You can’t beat that. Sometimes, the shea butter, I’m not a big fan when he puts that in his hair, it doesn’t have the same scent. When he goes lavender or when he goes to the body shop and gets the good stuff, trust me, it’s a great night for me. When I’m driving home at night, I don’t feel so bad about all the horrible things I did to the people I care about. It’s part of the whole ecosystem that I live in.”

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles have wrestled many times across multiple promotions. Most recently, they battled over the WWE Championship in 2018.

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