Samoa Joe SHOOTS On Smackdown Live and Raw Locker Rooms

5 years ago by Nicholas Holicki

Samoa Joe SHOOTS On Smackdown Live and Raw Locker Rooms

Samoa Joe is known for two things: intensely staring at you through the camera until you feel your soul start to leave your body, and choking people out from behind so often that you’re forced to wonder why WWE hasn’t implemented a backstage buddy system yet. Seriously Vince, you’re creating a hostile work environment!


Speaking of environments, Shiven Sachdeva of Sportskeeda recently spoke with the former ROH, Impact Wrestling and current WWE veteran about his experiences on both Raw and Smackdown Live. In particular, Joe was asked whether he has picked up on any differences in the backstage atmosphere between each brand. Surprisingly, the answer isn’t ‘terrified’, which is precisely what you would expect the environment to be whenever Samoa Joe is around.

“Well.. backstage, I do my own thing and have my own spots in the locker room so environmentally it’s not very different for me. But, the backstage environments are vastly different, but that is mainly because of the personalities. You’ve got some very unique individuals in the WWE and it’s a completely different nexus on Smackdown than it is on Raw.”

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