Samoa Joe Was Working On WWE Purchase Of ROH Tapes

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Samoa Joe Was Working On WWE Purchase Of ROH Tapes WWE

With the ROH acquisition such a tightly held secret, what did Samoa Joe think about Tony Khan’s purchase of the promotion?

Apparently, Samoa Joe was just as surprised as anyone that Tony Khan had acquired Ring of Honor but suddenly a past employment frustration became very clear.

Speaking in the post-show media scrum after Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor on Friday, April 1, Joe who made his shock return to wrestling spoke about finding out Tony Khan had acquired not only ROH itself but its tape library as well.

Joe said of finding out about the purchase:

“[Tony Khan buying ROH] was a major surprise to me, especially coming from my former position and how hard I was pushing to buy the library for the other company. It let me know why it was being such a difficult process. When that did come up, at the same, having Tony have it and know how much he loves wrestling and knowing how much he loved ROH and product, just from our meetings and the time knowing each other, I knew it would be good hands. I knew it would be treated with respect and it would be kind of made available to the fans in the best way possible. I was very happy with it.”

Samoa Joe may have been released by WWE twice in less than 12 months but his in-ring and on the mic skills are exceptional and he is already on fire after one evening back.

Shortly after his appearance, an official Samoa Joe is All Elite graphic was posted by AEW. Samoa Joe to AEW confirmed!

You can check out all of the live results from Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor by clicking here.

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