Santos Escobar Opens Up On Being A Part Of New LWO

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Santos Escobar Opens Up On Being A Part Of New LWO WWE

Newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio recently brought back a new version of the Latino World Order faction on SmackDown combat the Judgment Day and his son Dominik Mysterio.

The group was originally formed in WCW in 1998 by Eddie Guerrero, and featured names such as Mysterio himself, Hector Garza and LA Park.

The current iteration of the group consists of Rey and Legado Del Fantasma members Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Zelina Vega.

Escobar appeared on today’s episode of WWE The Bump, where he discussed being a part of the group, and what it means to him.

He said:

“I told y’all it’s time. It’s time for Latinos to rise. You know what I mean? Like, politically, socially, demographically, culturally — music, movies, entertainment, everywhere. We are everywhere. And yes, we’re paying homage. Of course, we want to make [original LWO leader Eddie Guerrero] proud. Of course. But this is a whole new, different animal.

“To be a part of this reincarnation, reformation, regrouping of the LWO, it’s very important to me because I get to carry on with what they did, and I get to put my own sauce and my own salt and pepper on it. And I love that. We’ve discussed this before, what were my goals coming into the company? Of course, main event WrestleMania is one of them. And I feel like we’re on the right track, which is getting there, getting there, getting there, and to represent who you are, where you come from, and what you’re about. It’s a huge part of it, to connect.”

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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