WWE Star Explains How Wrestling Rey Mysterio Changed His Perspective

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WWE Star Explains How Wrestling Rey Mysterio Changed His Perspective WWE

A WWE star has explained how wrestling Rey Mysterio changed his perspective.

On the March 31 edition of WWE SmackDown, Rey Mysterio welcomed Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma into the Latino World Order, also known as the LWO.

This followed Mysterio and Escobar going at it in a four-way match on SmackDown in February and bonding backstage with one another.

Speaking with the Hall of Fame podcast, Santos Escobar stated that he and Mysterio share similar values thanks to their backgrounds in Lucha Libre. He said:

“[Legado Del Fantasma] represent Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre’s about respect, family, tradition, heritage, culture, what I call ‘my THC’ tradition, heritage and culture. I’m addicted to it.” 

Admitting that watching Dominik Mysterio disrespect his father Rey stirred up animosity and further forged the bond between he and the legend, Santos said:

“He wasn’t just disrespecting Rey Mysterio, a legend –now hall of famer– he was disrespecting the entire Lucha Libre tradition…so that’s why I rendered my services to Rey.” 

Escobar continued on to further explain his union with Mysterio, saying:

“I realize what I’ve got for [Rey] is admiration and respect. I gave him my mask and he gave me his mask. That creates a bond that’s unbreakable. It’s the ultimate sign of respect in Lucha Libre.”

As previously reported, the LWO stable have become a major merchandise mover for WWE as of late, topping the list of the top sellers in the company.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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