AEW Star Welcomes The Bella Twins To ‘Freedom’

2 weeks ago by SP3

AEW Star Welcomes The Bella Twins To ‘Freedom’ WWE

An AEW star has welcomed The Bella Twins to “freedom.”

As previously reported, The Bella Twins announced earlier today that they were leaving WWE and would be officially be known by their real names of Nikki and Brie Garcia moving forward. This followed the announcement of a brand new show hosted by the WWE Hall of Famers on Sirius XM.

Following this news, AEW star and former WWE co-worker of the duo Saraya took to Twitter to welcome them to “freedom.” She tweeted:

“Welcome to freedom ladies, I know this next chapter is gonna be even bigger!”

The former Divas Champion’s use of the word “freedom” led to some complaints from WWE fans. She further edited the tweet to elaborate on what she was saying.

Despite this, some fans were still critical. After a fan stated that Saraya, Nikki and Brie all accomplished what they have due to WWE exposure, she replied:

“You need to chill. You guys find anything I say and pick it apart. Not being locked in a tight contract can feel great when you’re not. That doesn’t mean they treated us bad. Chill tf out..You guys need to get a hobby.”

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