Sasha And Bayley To Boss Women’s Tag Team Division?

Sasha And Bayley To Boss Women’s Tag Team Division?

Stand back Rock N’ Sock, there’s a new connection in the house. Those who tuned into Raw last night will have been witness to the Boss & Hug Connection routing the Riott Squad in tag team action, fuelling further speculation that Women’s Tag Team Championships are on their way soon.

Sasha Banks and Bayley, once-warring buddies, are the latest duo of females to be paired in recent weeks as WWE look to add weight to the possibility of introducing new gold. However, watching the duo interact, it cannot help but be believed that one is playing a very long and clever game.

With rumors of a SummerSlam match between the pair in the works and the ‘friends’ in therapy with the popular Dr. Shelby not so long ago, this latest union, which includes matching attire, false smiles, forced hugs, and a whole heap of resentment is the lead-in to something bigger. The longer it goes, the sweeter the final betrayal will be, especially if it isn’t by Banks. Just imagine.

In 2018, we could finally have a moment of treachery to rival the now infamous Barber Shop moment. According to reports, Marty’s still picking pieces of glass out of his hair to this day.


WrestleTalk would love to know your thoughts on a possible heel turn for either Sasha Banks or Bayley. Which would you like to see as a heel? Maybe you would prefer they stayed together and had a huge run in the doubles division first? Either way, let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Discord now.

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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