Savio Vega Hospitalized On August 20 And Currently In Stable Condition

Savio Vega Hospitalized On August 20 And Currently In Stable Condition Wikipedia

A former WWE star has been hospitalized over the weekend and is currently in stable condition.

Savio Vega is currently hospitalized after being rushed to the hospital on Saturday, August 20. His hospitalization was announced by the IWA Puerto Rico promotion, which he has been associated with for years.

The most recent medical update from the promotion states that Vega is currently undergoing a variety of tests and is currently in stable condition.

The IWA Puerto Rico Twitter account posted a picture of Savio in the hospital and wrote the following about his condition:

Yesterday, Saturday, Savio Vega had to be transferred to a hospital in an emergency. He is still under treatment.

You need to rest to recover as soon as possible.

He has his phone at hand to communicate only with his relatives. We request space. Thanks.

They later provided an update, writing:

In an update for our fans, Puerto Rican Major Savio Vega is still in the hospital and undergoing a series of treatments. We wish him a speedy recovery.

In recent years, Savio Vega has been an agent and competitor for Major League Wrestling.

We here at WrestleTalk wish Vega a speedy recovery.

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