Scrapped Plans For Huge AEW Debut Revealed

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Scrapped Plans For Huge AEW Debut Revealed

A former WCW talent has discussed scrapped plans for a huge AEW debut that was being discussed before the pandemic.

Sonny Onoo notably acted as the liaison between WCW and NJPW, helping to negotiate numerous talent exchanges. Onoo has now revealed that there were potential plans for him to manage Ultimo Dragon in AEW.

Speaking with Perched on the Top Rope, Onoo noted that he and AEW were working on a deal to feature the Japanese star. Revealing that the pandemic brought talks to a halt, Onoo said:

“When AEW first started televising stuff, Tony Khan did contact me and we were trying to work something out to bring in Ultimo Dragon. At that point, I was going to be on camera with him and manage him. Pandemic hits and he got stuck in Japan. Every time Yuji has been on camera, I was with him. I think it might have been a missed opportunity, but it’s not my call”

Onoo famously managed Ultimo Dragon in WCW, leading the star to cruiserweight and TV gold. He most recently competed for AJPW in 2020.

The current AEW World Champion is managed by Don Callis. Omega has recently fired back at a fan after being told to “quit living in the past“.

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