Scrapped WWE Hurt Business Member Revealed

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Scrapped WWE Hurt Business Member Revealed WWE

While the current status of the group is up in the air, back in 2020 The Hurt Business of Bobby Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin was a dominant force and bright spot during the dark Thunderdome era of WWE.

While the group was inexplicably split not long into Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship run in early 2021, the original plan for the group’s members may have featured one other notable star.

While discussing the group with Inside The Ropes, MVP would reflect on two names that were once touted to join, that being NXT’s Apollo Crews and Smackdown’s Ricochet.

MVP said:

“At that point, we felt that, you know, Apollo (Crews) is being established on his own and we came down to Ricochet and Cedric, and we felt that Ricochet stood a better chance of being successful on his own, whereas Cedric would do better from his association with us and so far, I think I was pretty accurate in that assessment.”

While the Hurt Business has semi-reformed on WWE TV lately with Benjamin and Alexander teaming with MVP in their corner on a few occasions, it has yet to make its proper established comeback in name.

However, this is something MVP has been vocal about doing in the future, with new members such as NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes once rumored to join the group.

Transcript courtesy of POST Wrestling.

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