Scrapped WWE Debut & NXT Call-Up Plans Revealed

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

Scrapped WWE Debut & NXT Call-Up Plans Revealed WWE

Scrapped plans have been revealed for the main roster debut of a potential future top WWE name as well as a planned NXT call-up.

The curious case of Gable Steveson’s long anticipated but seemingly never in-sight WWE debut seems to be continuing on without any significant updates in recent months.

Despite technically being a Raw superstar following the October 2021 WWE Draft we have seen very little of the Olympic Gold medalist bar a WrestleMania 38 cameo and him showing up for Kurt Angle’s birthday celebration in December 2022.

Despite Steveson last month stating that his WWE debut was potentially coming not long after WrestleMania 39, the Team USA Olympics team would confirm that Steveson would return to amateur competition ahead of an appearance at the upcoming US Open.

So what of his WWE plans now? On this week’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer would provide an update, stating:

“The original idea was he was gonna do college wrestling that season, which he did, and they were gonna bring him to a couple of Raws during the year.

“He wasn’t gonna wrestle, but he was gonna make appearances to build up his debut which was gonna be at WrestleMania. And yeah, never appeared, still hasn’t appeared.

“He’d retired after winning the Olympic gold medal, actually after winning the NCAA Championship last year because he came back from the Olympics to win the NCAA Championship. Then he retired and he was gonna go into WWE and all that.

“Obviously that has not materialized. He did have the surgery to repair the Wolff’s Heart (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome), but his progress has not… he hasn’t lit the world on fire by any means and they haven’t put him on for that very reason.

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As well as Steveson, Meltzer would also throw in the name of another top WWE prospect that was nailed on for a main roster call-up, former NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

“In January of 2022 which was over a year ago, I remember being told that Gable Steveson was gonna be fast-tracked to the main roster right after the college season was over. And Bron Breakker was gonna be brought up pretty soon as well, which also didn’t happen.”

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