Seth Rollins Breaks Silence About ‘Terrifying’ WWE Fan Attack

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Seth Rollins Breaks Silence About ‘Terrifying’ WWE Fan Attack

Seth Rollins has broken his silence about being attacked by a ‘fan’ during this past Monday’s November 22 episode of WWE Raw.

Elisah Spencer, 24, of Brooklyn, is due in court in December having been charged with Attempted Assault, and Attempted Violation of Arts and Cultural Affairs (Disrupting a Live Sporting Event).

Speaking with TMZ about the incident, Seth Rollins, real name Colby Lopez, said:

“It’s terrifying, brother. It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay.

“Once the tackle happened I knew what was going on. The guy was barreling around the corner.

“No, no serious injuries. Nothing like that. I was safe, we were safe. Everything was okay.

“I think as a precedence he probably should not be allowed at the events.”

Rollins got back up after he was jumped and was shown on-screen with a bloody lip, but he did appear again later on in the show so thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt.

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