Seth Rollins Defends WWE Stomping Grounds

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Seth Rollins Defends WWE Stomping Grounds

Following his divisive tweet prior to Stomping Grounds calling WWE the best wrestling in the world – which led to a Twitter feud with New Japan’s Will Ospreay – Seth Rollins has doubled down after the show.

In response to a tweet from Cageside Seats mocking Rollins for his tweet (which you can see below), Rollins fired back and re-stated his point.

Rollins wrote:

While Rollins as WWE Universal Champion and one of the faces of the company should undoubtedly be defending the place he works and pushing it as the best, Stomping Grounds was a passable show at best, certainly not a great one.

There were a few good matches, namely the pre-show Cruiserweight Title match, the tag bout between New Day and Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens and the Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe bout, but others were widely criticised.

Rollins’ own bout against Baron Corbin was underwhelming and ruined by needless over-booking. The other two main events on the show between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans were average at best.

Stomping Grounds was also an event that struggled to shift tickets due to a lack of fan interest in the show, with just 4,500 paid tickets and a total of 6,000 fans in the building, which is one third of the capacity.

Ever one to enjoy a good Twitter crusade, former WWE writer and current NXT producer Road Dogg was quick to jump onside with the Universal Champion, tweeting:

Publicly telling fans they are wrong with their opinions about what they like and do not like is not a good look for WWE, regardless of whether the show was good or bad.

One Twitter user noted that AEW champions its online fan base – which has been one of the key driving factors in the promotion’s early success at the box office – while WWE stars are constantly at odds with online fans and refer to them as “dorks” or other insulting terms.

As another Twitter user philosophically pointed out:

Perhaps it is best if Rollins just ignores the critics from now on rather than trying to shout them down into agreeing with him via social media.

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