Seth Rollins Believes Nothing Is Off Limits In Promos

Seth Rollins Believes Nothing Is Off Limits In Promos WWE

In a fascinating new interview ahead of WWE Clash at the Castle, Seth Rollins describes why he doesn’t think anything is off limits in promos.

Ahead of Clash at the Castle, in a new interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Rollins described his actual dislike for Matt Riddle as well as why he doesn’t believe anything is off limits in a promo.

On the heels of delivering scathing comments to Riddle on WWE Raw regarding his wife and children, Seth Rollins says he adopts the John Cena theory regarding promos.

Describing the advice he received from Cena himself, Rollins said of whether or not anything was off limits:

“I don’t think so. This is something I learned from working with John Cena. He always taught me to have a very thick skin when it came to whatever was said on camera because it’s fair game.

“If it’s on camera, it’s fair game, it stays out there and lives in that world. Backstage, that’s a different world. Those are two different things.

“John always instilled in me, and I always feel the same way, you can bring up anything you want about my personal life, and I’ve got plenty of skeletons in my closet that you can talk about, or things that I’m insecure about, and you have to be prepared to handle that on the back end.

“When you’re out there in front of the camera, I say anything goes.”

When asked if anything could be too personal, Rollins could only think of one extreme example, saying:

“I don’t think so. Aside from some sort of threatening remark to my baby girl, might push my buttons the wrong way. Other than that, I’m mostly on John’s side, you have to be able to have a thick skin in this business, especially on camera.”

Leave Roux out of this! .. until her future epic blood feud with Liberty Rhodes, perhaps at Clash at the Castle 2040?

You can check out all the details from Clash at the Castle 2022 by clicking here. 

Transcription via Fightful

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