Seth Rollins: ‘Our Audience Looks For Things To Complain About’

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Seth Rollins: ‘Our Audience Looks For Things To Complain About’

This time last year, Seth Rollins was just days away from winning the Royal Rumble and he was the most popular babyface on WWE TV.

Fast forward 12 months and his popularity faded and he became “not cool”, which led to a heel turn which has worked wonders for his character.

He is now one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions alongside Buddy Murphy, and he’s getting his heel character into his interviews, saying fans are looking for things to complain about while speaking to San Antonio Express News.

“It is a different era than it was back in the day. Now, it’s easier to be an antagonist because … anybody who consumes entertainment has a voice to be heard. They can get online and say whatever they want, and even if one or two people respond to it, that’s one or two people more than 20 years ago when they were just sitting in their living room talking crap to their friends.

“Our audience looks for things to complain about, to dislike and to pick apart. It’s such a short, short lifespan. If you can maintain being in that hero role for a lengthy period of time, you are doing something incredible.”

When asked whose idea it was to turn him heel, he explained it was a collaborative effort, and that the creative team “are not going to send me out there and make me do something I’m not comfortable with. I have to believe in what I’m doing out there as a performer.”

Rollins will bid to win his second Royal Rumble match in two years on Sunday in the Royal Rumble match.

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