Seth Rollins Discusses Upcoming Role In Captain America: Brave New World

Seth Rollins Discusses Upcoming Role In Captain America: Brave New World WWE

World Heavyweight Champion Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins is set to expand his horizons soon, with him set for a role in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Captain America: Brave New World.

Rollins recently took some time off WWE Raw to film for the movie, before returning to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Rollins was asked about his role in the movie, and how it feels to step out of his comfort zone with an acting role.

He said:

“I am sworn to a certain level of secrecy, so I can’t divulge too much information on that. What I will say in response to your question is that it is cool, it’s cool to get opportunities to do something outside of your comfort zone. This is what I love, WWE, professional wrestling, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and all I ever intend to do as a career for as long as I can, but anytime you get to a certain level in this industry there’s going to be opportunities that come your way and I love taking chances at this point in my career. 

“I mean, you can tell with the fashion sensibility I have become known for over the last few years, that I love taking chances! So if you get the chance to do something incredible outside of WWE, you’ve got to take a look at it, try and make it work the best you can because you only get one life and one chance and you never know when you might get an opportunity like that – so you got to make it happen.”

Rollins is set to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at WWE Money In The Bank next weekend.

During the interview, Rollins also discussed being attacked by a fan on Raw back in 2021, which you can read here.

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3 months ago by Connel Rumsey



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