Seth Rollins Says ‘Screw WWE’ In Twitter Rant

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Seth Rollins Says ‘Screw WWE’ In Twitter Rant WWE

Seth Rollins had thoughts to share about Cody Rhodes and his ESPY win and he was not holding back on sharing them on Twitter.

Hopping on the bird app to retweet a video of Cody Rhodes walking the ESPYs red carpet with Rollins’ tweet reading:

“Truly…screw this guy. Screw ESPN. Screw WWE. And screw you scumbags out there who continue to overlook me, discredit me, and undermine me. None of this exists without me. For those of you who have my back, I hear you singing my song every night.”

Not content there, Rollins went on in another tweet to write:

“I didn’t have a last name to get my foot in the door. I don’t pack it in and go home when things get tough. I don’t take more than I give. I’m not a chosen one. I shoulder the f’n load every single time. Make everyone around me better. Overdeliver on the regular.”

On her own Twitter, fellow WWE star and Rollins’ real life wife Becky Lynch popped by as well to drop a little supportive message, retweeting Rollins’ “overdeliver” tweet by writing:

“Husband is King.”

And just in case your were wondering, both Cody and Brandi Rhodes remain apparently unbothered with the latter posting a sweet snap of her and her man from that aforementioned red carpet last night on her social accounts.

Rollins may be irked with Rhodes but his next opponent comes in the form of Riddle at WWE’s upcoming premium live event, SummerSlam on July 30, 2022. 

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