Seth Rollins Stakes Claim At Championship Gold To Open WWE Raw

Seth Rollins Stakes Claim At Championship Gold To Open WWE Raw WWE

Seth Rollins was victorious in his match with Matt Riddle back at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff on September 3, and many have pondered what is next for the Visionary.

Well Seth had the same questions, and he hoped to answer them to kick off tonight’s WWE Raw show in Portland.

Rollins came to the ring being serenaded by the Portland crowd, before saying that what happened to Riddle was karma, before saying that he’s not interested in a rematch with Riddle.

Rollins then went on to say that it has been too long since he has held championship gold in WWE, and that’s what is next for him, before Riddle interrupted and attempted to brawl with Seth.

Rollins escaped through the crowd before Finn Balor and Damian Priest of the Judgment Day came to the ring, with Priest offering him a spot in the group, which Riddle rejected.

Riddle then fought Balor and Priest off, with a match between Riddle and Balor being set, which Balor won.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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