Several New Challengers Emerge For MJF’s AEW World Championship

Several New Challengers Emerge For MJF’s AEW World Championship AEW

To kick off tonight’s AEW Dynamite (March 15) AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman kicked off the show with a ‘Re-Bar Mitzvah’.

The celebration may have been short lived however as he was shortly thereafter interrupted.

First by the music and entrance of Jungle Boy Jack Perry to crash the party and then before he was able to add much to the conversation, Sammy Guevara made his entrance.

Not to be left out, the fourth pillar of AEW, Darby Allin joined the party and none of them held back.

With each of the potential challengers giving their own thoughts on why they deserved a title shot at MJF, the three foes all had one thing in common: they don’t like MJF.

While at one point, MJF revealed the gruesome sight of his face after his sixty-minute Iron Man victory over Bryan Danielson to which Aliin advised that he “looked like shit,” and should definitely put his hat or glasses back on.

The barbs didn’t end there as the end of the segment devolved in a melee by which there was a short brawl with a devastating end of the the birthday guest of honor.

Facing an embarrassing end to the party, MJF absolutely took tumble through his own birthday cake.

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