Several Popular AEW Stars Currently Unavailable

Several Popular AEW Stars Currently Unavailable AEW

If you’ve been wondering where a few of your favorite AEW stars have been lately, it appears we may have an answer.

Last night’s AEW Dynamite took place in El Paso, Texas, and some lucha action would have been right at home on that show, but the likes of the Lucha Bros and Bandido were nowhere to be seen.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that there are a lot of visa issues going on right now, so that’s a likely reason for at least some of the absentees.

He said:

“A lot of people brought up, what happened with Pentagon, Fenix and Bandido? There’s visa issues and it’s all through wrestling right now.

“WWE’s finally cleared it up, they had (Ilja) Dragunov back and (Meiko) Satomura’s coming back. But so many of these people have had issues coming in, and right now… here you are in El Paso, Texas, and Bandido, Fenix and Pentagon would have been over like crazy on this show, and they were not even on the show.

“They weren’t on Dark ‘Elevation’, I knew they weren’t gonna be on Dynamite, but they weren’t on Rampage either.

“They probably would have been the most over guys on the entire show actually. I would think Pentagon would have been the most over guy on the show, had he been available for the show.”

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A notable case was a visa issue a few weeks ago with Kenny Omega when he was returning from Japan which nearly caused a big problem for the seventh match of the best of seven series with the Elite vs Death Triangle.

As Meltzer mentioned, NXT has also had a number of issues with the likes of Gallus and Tyler Bate being out for a while with visa issues until they returned recently, and Nathan Frazer still isn’t back and he’s been gone for a while.

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