Several Wrestlers Do Not Believe WrestleMania Will Happen

3 years ago by Tempest

Several Wrestlers Do Not Believe WrestleMania Will Happen

The City of Tampa alerted us earlier today that WrestleMania will be going ahead as scheduled. Regardless of the update, it seems a number of WWE wrestlers do not believe the show will happen.

Sean Ross Rapp reported on Twitter that he spoke with several performers who think the event will be canceled.

“Several wrestlers that I’m speaking to don’t believe WrestleMania will go on as scheduled. They’ve not been told anything, however.”

It is not a stretch to think the show will be canceled or postponed. Many large businesses like the NBA, E3, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and others have been forced to cancel or limit fans at their events due to the virus.

Considering how many people will be at the show, WWE could easily be the next to cancel their event. While they haven’t been told as much, it seems some wrestlers won’t be surprised if it happens.

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