Shane McMahon Discusses Progress Of Raw Underground

Shane McMahon Discusses Progress Of Raw Underground

Shane McMahon has spoken on a podcast about the progress of the Raw Underground concept he debuted a number of weeks ago on WWE TV.

McMahon joined host Corey Graves on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, and explained that Raw Underground is still a work in progress.

He said:

“We are trying different things. It’s a work in progress with the different format and changing things up of what’s been going on, especially in the third hour. It’s a way to showcase new talent and get people more exposure. It’s a faster pace and a little more intense. People seem to like it.”

Shane McMahon also commented on why he returned to WWE, saying:

“I came back for my kids. This goes back to WrestleMania 32 with Undertaker in the Hell in the Cell. My boys had been saying to me for a couple years, hey dad, did you ever think about getting back in there because my sons never saw me live. They saw me via DVD or Youtube. So to be a real-life superhero for your kids is a powerful thing. That was the opportunity that was presented to me at the biggest stage of them all against arguably the most iconic and singular talent ever created, The Undertaker, who is also my longest-running friend in the business. That was tough to pass up. We didn’t know where it was going to go. We thought it would be one and done. I had my boys come out on stage and that was an amazing moment. I was euphoric watching them and so proud that I had to snap myself out of it.”

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