Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens On WWE SmackDown Live

Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens On WWE SmackDown Live

With Elias pulled from the match due to an ankle injury, Shane McMahon made everyone’s nightmares come true by inserting himself into the King of the Ring tournament as his replacement.

Not only that, but Shane made nemesis Kevin Owens the guest referee, saying if he ensured that Shane won, he’d lift the $100,00 fine he gave Owens a few weeks ago.

The match only lasted a few seconds Gable won with just one German Suplex, but because Shane McMahon is Shane McMahon, he made it a 2/3 falls match.

From this point, Owens was very much on Shane’s side, with fast counts for his pinfalls, but Gable managed to win 2-0 by making Shane tap to the ankle lock.

Shane was angered by Owens for not ensuring that he won, and after the match, did his best Vince impression and fired Owens in the middle of the ring.

5 years ago by Liam Winnard


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