Shane McMahon On What It Is Like To Produce Vince McMahon Segments

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Shane McMahon On What It Is Like To Produce Vince McMahon Segments

Shane McMahon’s relationship with his father Vince is unlike anyone else’s for obvious reasons. However, their time together working in WWE has allowed Shane the interesting opportunity to produce his father’s segments.

There is always talk of what Vince likes and doesn’t like when he produces other people’s segments, but what is it like producing his? Well, Shane explained on After the Bell that Vince is always right. Here is the quote courtesy of Fightful:

“I learned the business backward where I wasn’t a performer but I understand the psychology and why men and women should do things and when they should do them. Pat [Patterson] was obviously so far ahead of his time. I really learned from the best in Vince and Pat and so many others who would come around the table. Being around the storytelling and the physical storytelling. Knowing the product grew into production and I was in production brass. I went through the ranks and had to earn my stripes.

Some of the interesting things, when I was producing Vince for voiceovers, his inflection would be wrong or he’d flip or something. I’d be like, ‘stop, go back’ and everyone would be like, ‘Ugh’ because you knew it was coming. ‘Why did you stop it?’ ‘Your voice sounds super tired.’ ‘Go to playback so I can hear what’s wrong.’ You’d play it back and he goes, ‘(censored).’ I can’t tell you how many conversations my dad and I had privately outside the back of [the studio]. He was trying to produce me while I was producing it. Vince is always right. Once, he thought he was wrong, but he was mistaken.”

Shane McMahon left WWE back in 2009 to pursue other ventures before returning in 2016. For at least a while, Shane was merely an on-screen character but it has been reported and shown on television that he is also working as a producer backstage.

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