Shaul Guerrero Discusses Custody Of Dominik Storyline

Shaul Guerrero Discusses Custody Of Dominik Storyline

The ‘Custody of Dominik’ storyline is heralded as one of the most bizarre WWE storylines ever. Having a ladder match for the custody of a child is very odd but what did Eddie Guerrero’s real life children think of it.

Shaul Guerrero recently spoke with Inside The Ropes to discuss her unique position during this infamous angle. Here is the full quote from her interview:

“Honestly, we’ve grown up as performers, my sister and I – whether it was in the wrestling industry or not – so we were pretty smart to “it’s a work” kind of thing. And my mom and dad also wanted to make sure that my sister and I were comfortable because it was such an emotional storyline for everybody involved. So, I think they wanted to make sure that we came out of the storyline – and that Dominik came out of the storyline – with our mental health intact, and our family unit intact.

So, I totally knew it was a work – but you know that everyone’s doing a really good job when you’re in a storyline and even you, yourself, get suspended from reality and you’re like, ‘This is fake.’ Like, you have to convince yourself, like, ‘Yeah, no, this isn’t real.’ So the fact that there were moments when we were taping and stuff like that, and Dad was so emotional, that you kind of have to wonder a little bit, they did their job right – so that was always really fun.”

Rey Mysterio ultimately won the ladder match at SummerSlam 2005 to maintain custody of his real-life son. Since then, Dominik has become a WWE star himself, debuting at SummerSlam 2020 against Seth Rollins.

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