Why Shawn Michaels Wants Bron Breakker To Stay In NXT Longer

4 months ago by Amanda Savage

Why Shawn Michaels Wants Bron Breakker To Stay In NXT Longer WWE

Shawn Michaels commented on the potential call up for NXT Champion Bron Breakker to the main roster and he had thoughts.

Speaking throughout the call like a justifiably proud parental figure, Michaels elaborated on why the remarkable potential of Bron Breakker can continue to be honed in NXT.

Whereas other stars were described as possibly more ready to immediately transition (which unfortunately no follow up question challenged who he’d send to Triple H straight away!) he shared his strategic perspective on Bron Breakker.

Saying of Bron Breakker, while he could absolutely adapt immediately nad be ready for the main roster, Michaels shared:

“He’s going to step up to any challenge, look, I guess selfishly I’d like to keep him here and really round him out.

“I don’t want to keep him from any opportunities and I’d never do that but again if we had the option to keep him and make him a more well rounded performer for the main roster, I’d like to do that.” 

Michaels adding to punctuate his rationale:

“I’d like to wrap him up nicely in a bow and deliver him to them perfectly ready to go.”

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Elsewhere in the call, Michaels discussed navigating the politics around borrowing main roster stars from pal and head of WWE creative, Triple H. 

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