Shawn Michaels Opens Up About CM Punk’s Visits To WWE NXT

Shawn Michaels Opens Up About CM Punk’s Visits To WWE NXT WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has opened up about former WWE Champion CM Punk’s visits to the NXT brand.

Since his return to WWE at Survivor Series 2023, CM Punk has made quite a few trips to the NXT brand, even appearing at NXT Deadline in a segment with Shawn Michaels.

Before Punk’s surprise return, Michaels stated in a NXT conference call that he would welcome Punk back.

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez on Unlikely, Shawn Michaels was asked about CM Punk’s visits to NXT. He answered:

“He’s been fantastic. I’ve always liked him and have always appreciated him. All of us, and I certainly don’t want to put words in his mouth, but all of us grow and change in one form or another.”

“If you don’t, I don’t think that’s something to be overly proud of. We’re supposed to grow and get better with time and wisdom.”

“He’s come to appreciate, the same as me, that second chance and wanting to maybe do some things differently.”

“It’s not so much about regrets and things like that because I think he would tell you that he’s thrilled with where he’s at. To change anything might alter where he’s at.”

“That’s the way I always felt. It doesn’t mean you didn’t make mistakes or you might have wanted to do something differently.”

“This is just the road you traveled and where you’re at is a fantastic place. All I can say is that he’s been extremely supportive of everything we do here at NXT. Every time he’s been here, he’s been a joy to work with.”

On the culture that he has created for the NXT brand, Michaels said:

“When you walk through the doors at NXT, that’s the culture that we really want around here. It’s something we cultivated.”

“We won’t have anything but that, which is positive energy and giving back and supporting the future of the business that has been good to us.”

“If you buy into that, you can exist here at NXT. If you don’t, it’s not something we want to be around.”

“It doesn’t matter to us how you go about coming to that place in your life and your career, but if it’s something you’re willing to do and you want to be someone who makes a positive influence on somebody here, we’ll welcome you anytime and twice on Sunday.”

“He’s been really good, it’s a pleasure to have him. He brings something different to the table than other people. That’s what we want. We have diversity here.”

“No one idea has to be the right idea. Many different ways, especially in this line of work, to creatively get us where we want. Anytime somebody wants to help, I say we give them a shot.”

CM Punk has made multiple visits to the WWE Performance Center while rehabbing his torn triceps injury.

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Transcription via Fightful

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