Shawn Michaels Explains Benefits Of Infusing NXT And NXT UK Rosters

Shawn Michaels Explains Benefits Of Infusing NXT And NXT UK Rosters WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has explained the benefits of infusing the NXT and NXT UK rosters together.

Since taking on the role of WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels has overseen a lot of changes for the NXT brand overall.

From the 2.0 rebrand to the hiatus of NXT UK and upcoming launch of NXT Europe, the brand has faced its ups and downs over the past year.

Speaking with My San Antonio, Michaels was asked if the roster from “across the pond” would bring more stability for the brand.

He answered:

“They are obviously huge for us in that respect,” Michaels said. “Even at such young ages, they have a great deal of experience, especially the ones from the U.K. They started so young. You have people like Tyler Bate starting at 15 or 16, so now at 24, he is a seasoned veteran.”

The NXT UK talent have already made their impact on the brand with the likes of JD McDonagh, Nathan Frazier, Axiom, Pretty Deadly and Alba Fyre moving over the past year.

Since the hiatus for NXT UK, Tyler Bate, Gallus, Blair Davenport, Meiko Satomura and Ilja Dragunov have all made the jump over as well.

Michaels continued on to touch on their style adding a lot to the NXT product, saying:

“They also have a different style, and I think that is what I enjoy. When I started you had the territory days and you worked with a lot of different people with a lot of styles.

“I know over the years people get concerned that you only learn one style in this system of ‘NXT’ and that is certainly not going to be the problem now with the influx of U.K. talent. Their experience and their expertise with traditional wrestling backgrounds is great. Also, their love of the British style really comes through in their performances, and they are able to share it here.”

As previously mentioned, Shawn Michaels also listed the most improved performers from the NXT roster from the past year.

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