Shayna Baszler Encourages Fan to Divorce His Wife?!

4 years ago by Nicholas Holicki

Shayna Baszler Encourages Fan to Divorce His Wife?!

Shayna Baszler goes by many titles: the ‘Queen of Spades’, the ‘Submission Magician’, the ‘very, very scary woman’ (as my sister calls her). But ‘marriage counsellor’ is unlikely to be added to that list any time soon.

The former NXT Women’s Champion currently has one of the more popular shirts listed on WWE Shop. And it turns out that she doesn’t accept many excuses for you not to own one.

When a fan tagged Baszler in a tweet claiming that his wife had forbidden him from ordering her t-shirt, the ‘Queen of Spades’ responded with the same words Michael Cole would use if he were introducing litigants in family court:

“Divorce time”

No word yet on whether the fan ever ordered that shirt, or how far along divorce proceedings are. We’ll keep you updated.


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