Shayna Baszler Discusses Adjusting To ‘Theatrical’ Elements Of WWE Product

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Shayna Baszler Discusses Adjusting To ‘Theatrical’ Elements Of WWE Product

Shayna Baszler has commented on having to adjust her style to the more “theatrical” presentation of the WWE product.

A prime example of this has been her involvement in the Alexa Bliss shenanigans, which included having a match against Bliss this past Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated about that match, Shayna Baszler said:

“I need to show that I can be counted on to nail whatever it is I’m being asked to do. It’s easy to be a badass tyrant like I was in NXT. I can totally fit that role. After establishing myself as that, it’s important to show I can cover a wide range of what professional wrestling is today.

“It’s like music. Some people like country, some like heavy metal. Not everything is for everyone, so I understand why some people roll their eyes when I do comedy. But I’m established as what I am. All it takes is one sentence from a promo delivered properly. I am a legitimate badass; that’s always there for me. I’m glad I can be on Raw and show a wider range.”

She also discussed why the adjustment is such a big one for her to make, adding:

“It’s always been a constant juggling act, and that’s not just on Raw. That’s also (been the case in) my time in NXT and the indies. I come from a very old-school professional wrestling tradition. Josh Barnett and Billy Robinson were my main coaches, and they’re really, really old-school.

“Back in Billy’s day, the wrestling mentality was that you weren’t going to beat someone in the ring until people believed you could beat them out on the street. It was a very different mindset, and that’s just not how professional wrestling is presented today. It’s been a juggling act to stay true to my martial lineage in professional wrestling, that style I bring where people believe what I do. It’s two-sided. It’s special. There are wrestlers that work for 20 years to build that legitimacy in the eyes of the fans, and I have it when I come through the curtain. It’s also a curse. Not everyone on the roster knows how to deal with that style and mindset.”

Baszler lost to Alexa Bliss at Hell in a Cell, and then teamed with Nia Jax in a loss to Bliss and Nikki Cross on Raw this past Monday.

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