Sheamus And Gunther Go To War At WWE Clash At The Castle

7 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Sheamus And Gunther Go To War At WWE Clash At The Castle WWE

After an absolutely brutal match, Gunther defeated Sheamus to retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Before the match, Gunther made his entrance with Ludwig Kaiser and NXT’s Giovanni Vinci, reforming Imperium. Kaiser and Vinci brawled with Ridge Holland and Butch before the match got under way.

In the closing moments of the match, Sheamus attempted a Brogue Kick, but his back gave out following previous powerbombs. Gunther capitalised, nailing Sheamus with a powerbomb and a hellacious clothesline to retain his title.

Sheamus received a huge ovation from the Principality Stadium crowd following the bout.

If Sheamus would’ve been victorious and walked out with the Intercontinental Title, he would’ve been recognised as a WWE Grand Slam Champion, following his previous WWE, US and Tag Team championship reigns.

For now, Imperium remains strong. Gunther has been the Intercontinental Champion since defeating Ricochet on the June 10 episode of SmackDown.

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