Shock TLC Tag Partner For Asuka Revealed?

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Shock TLC Tag Partner For Asuka Revealed?

When Lana was written out of this weekend’s WWE TLC show on the most recent episode of Raw, speculation as to who would be partnering Asuka at the PPV began.

The biggest name on most people’s lips is Charlotte Flair, who is reportedly set to return any day now, and many believe it will be as Asuka’s tag partner on Sunday.

However, it appears Asuka may have different plans, as she has seemingly already chosen her tag partner on Twitter.

Former IIconics member Peyton Royce tweeted Asuka, asking to be her partner, and it seems that the Raw Women’s Champion is pretty keen on the idea.

While this is far from confirmed, it’s unusual for WWE stars to say things on Twitter unless they are actually going to happen. Vince hates his wrestlers teasing things that don’t happen.

Peyton is currently tagging with Lacey Evans, after she was needlessly split from Billie Kay, who is now doing exactly nothing on SmackDown.

There’s every chance it could still be Charlotte, and Peyton gets attacked before the match and is ruled out like Lana. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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