Shotzi Says It Wasn’t Her Decision To Stop Using The Tank

9 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Shotzi Says It Wasn’t Her Decision To Stop Using The Tank WWE

WWE SmackDown star Shotzi has said it wasn’t her decision to stop making her entrance on a tank.

While Shotzi kept her tank upon arrival to the main roster, the star hasn’t used it during her entrance in recent months.

Speaking with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Shotzi discussed her recent character change. Noting that she’s embracing the tank-less life, Shotzi said:

“That wasn’t my decision, but I’m embracing the change because I’ve been ‘the ballsy badass’ my entire career, even on the Indies, I was always looked at as a babyface. It’s nice after seven years later to finally change up the character and find something new within me. I think I’m finally grabbing the horns and rolling with it.”

Commenting on her new persona, Shotzi added:

“I’m definitely a little bit of (a bitch) and very manipulative. I’m channeling a lot of people that I interacted with that I did not like and kind of picking from them.”

Shotzi last wrestled on WWE TV on the June 10 edition of SmackDown, losing to Ronda Rousey in singles action. She worked a dark match at last week’s (June 17) taping, and was in action during the following Sunday Stunner live event.

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Transcription via Fightful.

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