WWE Star’s Insane Finishing Move Gets Name

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star’s Insane Finishing Move Gets Name WWE

A WWE star who debuted an insane new finishing move that quickly went viral has done it again on a show airing tonight!

You may have heard about it or even seen it but now we know what it will be called as a WWE star’s insane finisher has gotten a name.

If you didn’t see Sol Ruca’s appearance on NXT Level Up 2 weeks ago (or read this fabulous article) you may have missed the debut of a wild new finishing move.

With Ruca’s wild move gaining a ton of attention with fans online, it is only reasonable that now it has gotten a proper name.

The move was referred to on commentary as the ‘Sol Snatcher’ after Sol Ruca used it to put away Dani Palmer on tonight’s edition of NXT Level Up.

Not only has Sol Ruca impressed fans with her move, she also impressed the man in charge of creative himself, Triple H.

You can read more about what Triple H had to say about Ruca’s viral moment as well as how she felt about the move going worldwide by clicking here.

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