Soulja Boy Blasted By Major WWE Star For Calling Wrestling Fake

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Soulja Boy Blasted By Major WWE Star For Calling Wrestling Fake

Following last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, world-famous rapper Soulja Boy and former WWE Champion Randy Orton had a war of words on Twitter, leading to Orton becoming the number one trend on the platform.

The beef started when Soulja Boy tweeted that the “rap game is faker than WWE”, which understandably didn’t sit right with Randy Orton.

RETRIBUTION member T-Bar then chimed in to defend the sport, saying that the rap industry does not “take years off your life and leave you with countless injuries”.

This led to Randy Orton noticing the tweet. The Monday Night Raw star compared wrestlers to actors that do stunts, but said that they “don’t b***h when [they] get surgically repaired and come right back”.

Following on from this, Randy Orton sang the praises of Bad Bunny, who is working with WWE right now. Orton said that Bad Bunny “respects” professional wrestling and “knows what it takes and finds himself lucky to be part of it”.

Soulja Boy didn’t back down when confronted by Randy Orton, sticking by his claims that the world of rapping is more real than the world of professional wrestling.

This is almost certainly not part of a storyline to bring Soulja Boy into WWE for a feud with Randy Orton, as some people have speculated.

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