Report: ‘Source Close To Matt Riddle’ Denies He’s Been Suspended For Failed Drug Test, More Details On Situation

Report: ‘Source Close To Matt Riddle’ Denies He’s Been Suspended For Failed Drug Test, More Details On Situation WWE

Some update notes have emerged on the story that emerged this past Monday (December 12) claiming Matt Riddle had been suspended by WWE.’s report stated that their Cassidy Haynes had heard from sources that a failed drug test and suspension were the real reason WWE wrote Riddle off TV a week prior (December 5) via an attack by Solo Sikoa.

The report even claimed it was a second offence of 2022 as Riddle failed a drug test in the summer, which is purportedly what led to his planned Clash at the Castle match with Seth Rollins being canceled.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer expanded somewhat on the situation and provided updates.

Meltzer reported that WWE has not commented on the story, nor responded to questions on it.

If the story is true, it would go against WWE’s known drug testing policy, which is that all drug test failures have to be announced publicly, and also that a first offence should result in a 30-day suspension – Riddle was not and has not been absent for that period of time.

Meltzer pointed out that Riddle didn’t wrestle between July 25 and May 20, but that’s less than 30 days.

According to the policy, the second offence should garner a 60-day suspension plus mandatory rehab. However, WWE only announced on TV that Riddle would be out for six weeks because of the “attack” –  six weeks is less than 60 days.

It is possible for someone to be sent to rehab upon a first offense if the person or the company makes that decision.

However, Meltzer stated: “either WWE has secretly changed its policy or something doesn’t add up”.

WWE hasn’t commented or responded to questions on whether the policy has changed.

Meltzer mentioned that “one source close to Riddle” denied the story, and said the reason for Riddle being off is because of the pressure of going through a divorce.

However, Meltzer added that the Observer’s sources “closest” to Riddle haven’t commented.

It was the “talk and belief of talent” in WWE that going to rehab was the reason for Riddle’s absence.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful tweeted:

I’d heard the BodySlam story was accurate and saw a lot of stuff to back it up

WWE did not shy away from spotlighting Riddle on the December 12 Raw despite his absence and the report going around, as Elias held a ‘tribute concert’ for him.

We’ll continue to provide updates as they emerge.

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