SPOILER: Huge Star Returning To Action On Next Week’s WWE Raw

3 years ago by Andy Datson

SPOILER: Huge Star Returning To Action On Next Week’s WWE Raw

Last night’s WWE Raw was a double taping due to Vince giving his workers Christmas week off, and there was a surprise return from one of WWE’s biggest stars.

In the taping’s main event, Rey Mysterio defeated Seth Rollins via DQ following interference from AOP, who then went to put Mysterio through a table. However, stand-in commentator Samoa Joe would not move out of the way, which led to Akam and Rezar beating down on him.

Joe has been part of the Raw announce team while he’s been out of action with a broken thumb. He replaced Dio Maddin, who has returned to the Performance Center after failing to impress Vince McMahon.

Based on what happened on the taping, it seems that Joe has now been cleared to return to action, something that will likely happen on the first Raw episode of 2020.

The thought is that he will team with Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens to take on Seth Rollins and AOP, which sounds very tasty. He will no longer be part of the Raw announce team, and it isn’t known who will be replacing him going forward.

It also isn’t known whether he will continue to appear as an analyst on WWE Backstage, or whether his time there is now over.


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