Spoiler: Major Angles Planned For Monday’s Raw

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Spoiler: Major Angles Planned For Monday’s Raw

WWE is planning two major angles on this coming week’s Raw in Philadelphia. The first will lead to the reformation of The Shield and a stacked multi-man match at next Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view and the second will set up a huge marquee match at WrestleMania.

The first angle will see Dean Ambrose reunited with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for a third attempt at a Shield reunion, following failed attempts in 2017 (which were scuppered by Roman Reigns contracting mumps and Dean Ambrose going on the shelf injured) and 2018 (during which Reigns contracted leukaemia).

This was hinted at on Monday when Reigns and Rollins saved Ambrose from a post-match beat down. Although Ambrose and his former partners did not interact directly, Seth and Roman did glance back at the ring and Ambrose smiled in their direction, hinting that there was more to come.

This will lead to a match at Fastlane, which at the moment has two possible forms. The first is The Shield against Drew McIntyre, Lashley and Baron Corbin in a six-man tag. The second option is the same match but with former Shield rival Braun Strowman joining his former foes in a eight-man tag, with the opposition adding Elias to their squad.

In a second potential spoiler for Raw, Batista is currently scheduled to appear on the show following his surprise return this past week.

With a Batista-Triple H match almost certain to take place at WrestleMania, chances are his presence on Monday will be to further that storyline and make the match official.

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